8 Activities for a Low-Key Bachelorette Party: Low-Key, High Fun

Bachelorette parties are a cherished pre-wedding celebration, marking a special moment for the bride-to-be and her close friends. Traditionally known for their lively and extravagant nature, these parties have evolved, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nowadays, many are opting for a low-key bachelorette party, which not only adheres to pandemic guidelines but also suits the preferences of those who just want to relax and enjoy intimate gatherings.

1. Spa Day or Wellness Retreat

Bachelorette Party spa

A spa day or wellness retreat is a quintessential choice for a low-key bachelorette party. It’s a perfect way for the bride and her friends to relax and catch up in a serene environment. Amidst the stress of wedding planning and the chaos of everyday life, a day dedicated to pampering and self-care can be incredibly rejuvenating.

Options range from booking a day at a local spa to organizing an at-home spa experience with DIY treatments and relaxation techniques. For those looking for a more immersive experience, a weekend wellness retreat can offer a blend of spa services, healthy cuisine, etc.

2. Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor Adventure

For the nature-loving bride-to-be, an outdoor adventure can be the perfect theme for a bachelorette party. This option caters to those who prefer an active and adventurous celebration over traditional party scenes.

Engaging in activities like hiking, beach outings, or enjoying a countryside picnic allows the group to immerse themselves in nature’s beauty while spending quality time together.

Here are some of the options you should consider:

Activity Type Description Tips
Camping Trip Overnight camping in the wilderness or a campsite. Choose a comfortable campsite, bring games and suitable food.
Hiking Explore trails or scenic areas. Pick a suitable trail, carry water, snacks, and a first-aid kit.
Beach Day Day at the beach with various activities. Bring sunscreen, umbrellas, and a picnic.
Countryside Picnic Picnic in a rural setting. Pack a basket with snacks and refreshments, bring blankets.
Nature Scavenger Hunt Scavenger hunt in a park or forest. Prepare a fun list of items or tasks to find.
Kayaking/Canoeing Rent kayaks or canoes for water exploration. Wear life jackets, choose a route for all levels.
Outdoor Yoga Group yoga in a serene outdoor setting. Hire an instructor or use an online guide, bring mats.
Star Gazing Observe the stars at night. Find a dark spot, bring blankets and a telescope or binoculars.

3. Cooking Class or Wine Tasting

Cooking Class

A cooking class or wine tasting event is an excellent choice for a low-key bachelorette party that combines fun, learning, and a shared culinary experience. These activities are perfect for food and wine enthusiasts and offer a unique way to celebrate the upcoming wedding.

Cooking Class

Hosting a private cooking class is a fantastic way to bring everyone together. The group can learn new recipes and cooking techniques and use them in the future. Opting for a specific cuisine can add an exciting theme to the event – think Italian pasta making, sushi rolling, or French pastry baking.

Virtual cooking classes are a great alternative. They allow friends to connect and cook together online, guided by a professional chef. This activity not only teaches valuable cooking skills but also encourages teamwork and collaboration, making it a bonding experience.

Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is another sophisticated option that can be tailored to the group’s preferences. Visiting a local vineyard or winery offers a firsthand experience of wine culture, complete with scenic views and an array of fine wines to sample.

The group can learn about wine varieties, the winemaking process, and pairing wine with food.  virtual wine tastings are available. These sessions, often led by a sommelier, can be enjoyed from the comfort of home.

Participants can order the recommended wines in advance and then join an online session to taste and discuss them together.

4. Arts and Crafts Night


An arts and crafts night is a creative and fun way to celebrate a low-key bachelorette party. An arts and crafts night offers a unique and engaging way to celebrate a low-key bachelorette party.

Variety of Activities

The beauty of an arts and crafts night lies in the variety of activities you can choose from. Options like painting, jewelry making, or pottery allow each guest to explore different mediums. For instance, a painting session could involve everyone creating a piece based on a theme significant to the bride.

Jewelry making offers a chance to craft personalized bracelets or necklaces that the group can wear on the wedding day. Pottery, on the other hand, provides a tactile and therapeutic experience, perfect for unwinding and enjoying each other’s company.

Venue Choices

You can host this event at a local art studio, which may offer guided sessions and provide all the necessary materials. Many studios have packages specifically designed for parties, ensuring a structured yet fun experience.

Alternatively, hosting the craft night at someone’s home adds a personal touch. Set up a comfortable space with all the crafting materials, and don’t forget to create a warm ambiance with good lighting and background music.

Personalization and Keepsakes

Personalizing the event around the bride-to-be’s tastes makes it more special. Including her favorite colors, themes, or even include an activity that resonates with her hobbies or interests.

Bonding Experience

Arts and crafts have a way of bringing people together. As everyone gets involved in their projects, they naturally engage in conversations, share stories, and offer each other encouragement and ideas. It’s a relaxed setting that allows for deeper connections to form, making it not just a celebration, but an opportunity to strengthen bonds.

5. Movie Marathon or Book Club


A movie marathon or a book club meeting is an excellent choice. This idea revolves around the bride’s favorite films or books, creating a personalized and intimate experience. Set up a comfortable viewing area with plenty of cushions, blankets, and maybe even a makeshift fort for a touch of nostalgia.

Choose a series of films that the bride adores – it could be a mix of romantic comedies, classics, or thrilling adventures.  Don’t forget the popcorn, themed snacks, and perhaps a signature cocktail or mocktail that fits the movie theme. This setup is perfect for sharing laughs, tears, and memories.

If the bride-to-be is a book lover, organizing a book club meeting can be a unique way to celebrate. Select a book that holds special meaning for her or is on her reading list. Create a comfortable reading space, perhaps with a cozy corner or a relaxed outdoor setting.

Discuss the book, share insights, and maybe include some themed activities or quizzes related to the book. It’s an efficient way to engage everyone in a meaningful discussion while celebrating the bride’s love for literature.

6. Virtual Bachelorette Party

The virtual bachelorette party has gained popularity, particularly during the pandemic, as it allows friends from various locations to join in the celebration without the need for travel. However, we can see that this is an approach that many consider interesting.

The possibilities are practically endless – from virtual game nights featuring the bride’s favorite games to online classes where you can learn something new together, like a cocktail-making class or a craft workshop.  You can also opt for a simple group video call, where everyone can catch up, share stories, and have a good laugh.

To make it more personal, consider sending out party kits in advance, which could include party favors, snacks, and a mini bottle of champagne.

7. Yoga or Meditation Session


A group yoga or meditation session is a serene and soulful way to celebrate a bachelorette party, offering a moment of tranquility and connection. It can be organized at a local studio, where an instructor can guide you through a series of poses suitable for all levels.

Alternatively, an outdoor setting like a park or a beach can add a natural and peaceful backdrop to your practice. For a virtual option, there are many online classes available, allowing friends to join from their own homes. A guided meditation can help the group unwind and reflect.

This can be particularly meaningful for the bride-to-be as she prepares for her big day. The session can focus on themes of love, friendship, and new beginnings. Setting the right atmosphere is key. Encourage participants to create a calming space with candles, comfortable cushions, and soft music.

8. Local Exploration

travel friends

Local exploration offers a charming and low-key approach to celebrating a bachelorette party. It’s an opportunity to discover or rediscover the wonders within your own city or a nearby locale. This idea is perfect for those who enjoy cultural immersion and seek a more laid-back yet enriching experience.

Visiting Local Markets

Start the day by going to the local farmers markets. These bustling hubs are not just about shopping; they’re a sensory experience. You can taste fresh local produce, find unique handmade crafts, and immerse yourselves in the vibrant atmosphere. It’s a chance to support local artisans and perhaps pick up some special mementos that will remind you of the day.

Museum Tours

For a touch of culture and history, consider visiting a museum. Many cities boast hidden gem museums with fascinating exhibits. Whether it’s art, history, science, or something more niche like a fashion museum, you’ll find that these places offer intriguing insights and discussions.

Plus, they often have quiet cafes or gardens where you can sit and chat, reflecting on what you’ve seen.

Historical Sites

Historical sites can be like stepping back in time. Regardless of the type you’re visiting, these sites often have stories to tell. Learning something new is always a pleasant experience.

Guided tours can enhance this experience, offering insights into the past that you might not discover on your own. It’s an educational and awe-inspiring way to spend part of your day.

Art Galleries and Installations

For those who enjoy art, visiting local art galleries or checking out street art installations can be a visually stimulating experience. Many cities have galleries featuring local artists, offering a glimpse into the region’s contemporary art scene.

Street art walks can also be a fun way to explore the city’s artistic side, often leading to vibrant neighborhoods you might not have visited otherwise.

Culinary Delights

No local tour is complete without indulging in the culinary delights of the area. You could visit a renowned local restaurant or perhaps do a food truck hop, tasting different cuisines. This not only satiates your taste buds but also adds an element of fun as you discover the city’s flavors together.


Who pays for the bachelorette party?

Typically, the cost of a bachelorette party is split among the attendees, excluding the bride. Occasionally, the maid of honor or bridesmaids may take on a larger portion of the expenses.

How do I make my bride feel special at the bachelorette party?

Personalize the party to her tastes, include thoughtful touches like a memory book or a special toast, plan activities she loves, and ensure she feels comfortable and celebrated throughout the event.

How long should a bachelorette party last?

A bachelorette party typically lasts one day or a weekend. The duration should consider the bride’s preferences, attendees’ availability, and the type of activities planned.

What is the goal of a bachelorette party?

The goal of a bachelorette party is to celebrate the bride’s upcoming wedding, provide an opportunity for her to relax and have fun with close friends, and create memorable experiences before she enters a new life chapter.


Low-key bachelorette parties offer a range of options to suit different preferences, ensuring that every bride-to-be can truly enjoy her time with friends. Think about it, the whole point is to make the create memories that will last for a lifetime.

Therefore, you should invest your best efforts in the organization, but at the same time, if you opt for a low-key option bachelorette party, you need to stick to a couple of principles.